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      1. Product

        UC-258 vinyl MQ resin

        Main technical indexes

        Item Unit Parameters



        Colorless transparent viscous liquid

        Content of active component



        Vinyl content

        mmol/g active matter


        MTotal : Q


        0.7~0.9 : 1

        Storage and shelf life

        This product is inflammable. Keep in cool warehouse. Keep away from fire source

        Separate from impurities, such as oxides and catalysts

        Shelf life is 6 months under the condition of unopened

        25kg/drum or 180kg/drum, coated iron drum.

        Product features

        As component of LED package

        As reinforcing agent for liquid silicone rubber

        Increasing binding power of pressure-sensitive adhesive

        Improving physical performance of silica gel

        Improving high-and-low temperature performance of silicone rubber

        Increasing performance and durability of mold release

        Empowering copolymers with excellent electrical insulating property, water resistance and weather resistance

        Main components

        Methyl-terminated Q type silicon resin

        Xylene content is 25~45%

        As component of addition type rubber, this product can improve mechanical and physical properties of finished products.  


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