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      1. Product

        UC-2821 Methacryloxypropyl polysiloxane

        UC-2821 is poly two methyl silicone based on double end methyl propylene acyl oxygen two methyl silicon base sealing end. Have properties of free radical polymerization, UV light curing and so on. With a variety of carbon doublebond containing monomer or dimer pre polymerization , take the polysiloxane chain introduce polymer backbone.


        Chemical information

        CAS No:58130-03-3

        Technical index




        Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid

        Viscosity (25℃, mPa·s)


        Double bond content  (mmol/g)


        Density, g/mL, 25℃


        The refractive index



        This product is a high molecular monomer containing methacryloxypropyl , use free radical copolymerization、UV light curing to acrylic resin, polyolefin resin, light curing coating conduct chemical modification, Improve the weather resistance, water resistance, flexibility, oxygen permeability, reduce the internal stress and surface tension of materials and products. In order to facilitate the customer for molecular design demand , the viscosity of the product, the double bond content can be customized.


        Packaging and storage

        200kg, 25kg coated drum .This product for nitrogen sealed packaging, stored in a cool place, avoid strong oxidizing agents, acid, alkali and contact, away from heat, shelf life of six months, if the original packaging is already open, please use immediately sealed and used within 30 days. 

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